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User License / Licencia de usuario

Atención: La licencia de usuario solo se ha publicado oficialmente en chino e inglés, por lo tanto, solo la publicamos aquí en inglés. Traduzcalo usted mismo o contáctenos si tiene preguntas al respecto.

The User Agreement is governed by the rights and obligations of the user and Chengdu iSlide Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “iSlide”) regarding products and services such as the iSlide PPT Plug-in provided by iSlide.

This User Agreement is a general term for users to accept the iSlide PPT Plug-in Products and Services offered by iSlide. Therefore, before you register for the iSlide PPT plug-in products and services or before you accept the iSlide PPT plug-in products and services, you must read carefully to fully understand all the contents of this user agreement, especially the terms of the exemption or limitation of liability, Any amendments made to this Agreement at any time, and a separate agreement to open or use a service, with or without acceptance. You understand and agree that your log-in, download, transmission, use and other acts that you have read and agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Unless you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you do not have the right to use the iSlide PPT Plug-in Products and the web services they provide.

If you are under 18 years of age, please read this Agreement and other related agreements and terms with your legal guardian.

1. The service

1.1 iSlide is the owner and operator of the iSlide PPT plug-in, and the specific content of the iSlide PPT plug-in is provided by iSlide on a case-by-case basis. iSlide grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, irrevocable and limited license to enter the iSlide website pursuant to this Agreement and to use the relevant iSlide PPT Add-on Products and Services. iSlide may, at any time for any reason, terminate this license in whole or in part at any time.

1.2 iSlide PPT plug-in will consciously safeguard the interests of users, promised to users of iSlide PPT plug-in generated data strictly confidential, without the prior permission of the user is not disclosed to any person or organization. However, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the following information:

1.2.1 The reason other than the iSlide PPT plug-in is already known to the public;

1.2.2 Information that is known to others due to other sources than the iSlide PPT plug-in;

1.2.3 Information disclosed due to the application of law, the courts or other countries having the authority to request the authorities.

1.3 When a user’s website suffers heavy attacks such as DDoS, it will seriously occupy the verification traffic. When the attack reaches a certain level, there will be a serious anomaly such as the verification service can not be loaded. We will provide relevant paid customized protection service to upgrade Products, iSlide PPT plug-in reserves the right to terminate all services if the user is unwilling to use the relevant paid services.

1.4 iSlide PPT plug-in to provide services, may be for some of the service users charge a fee. In this case, the iSlide PPT plug-in will make a specific hint on the relevant page. If users do not agree to pay such fees, they may not accept the related services.

To enhance the user experience and satisfaction of iSlide’s website and services, users agree that Eslite will conduct further research and analysis on user data based on user actions to further optimize the site and services of iSlide.


2. the use of rules

2.1 registration rules

2.1.1 When using iSlide PPT plug-in products and services, users need to register their account according to the requirements of Islaside. Ownership of the iSlide PPT plug-in account is owned by iSlide. After the user completes the application for registration, he / she has the right to use the account, which is forbidden to grant, borrow, lease, transfer or sell the account. iSlide only confirms the user’s identity based on the user’s account number and password. The user is responsible for keeping the registered account information and password safe and responsible for their use and loss. If the user’s account number and password have been unauthorized use, or any other security issues occur, you should immediately notify iSlide.

2.1.2 The user can edit the registration information in the name of the account, avatar, profile, etc., but should promise to comply with laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interest, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and authenticity of the information bottom line, not Illegal and bad information appears in the account registration information.

As a result of the user violates the foregoing agreement, according to the relevant laws, regulations and national policy requirements, iSlide has the right to take no-sign at any time, notify the deadline to correct, log-off user account, suspend or terminate user iSlide PPT plug-in products and services Use and other measures.

2.2 the use of rules

2.2.1 The user has the right to change or delete the personal information, registration information and transmission contents on the iSlide website. However, please note that deleting the related information will also delete any texts, pictures, works, etc. stored in the system. The user should bear the risk.

2.2.2 Users should comply with Chinese laws and regulations and relevant policies when using iSlide PPT plug-in products and services, and may not use iSlide PPT plug-in to create, copy, publish and disseminate content and works in violation of Chinese laws, regulations and policies, and shall abide by Relevant international conventions and all other provisions and procedures of Islay.

2.3 Users may not use the software to do any harm to network security, including but not limited to: use unauthorized data or access to unauthorized server account; unauthorized access to the public network or other operating systems and delete, modify, Increase the storage of information; unauthorized attempts to detect, scan, test weaknesses in the software system or network or other acts to undermine the safety of the network; attempt to interfere with, destroy the normal operation of the software system or website, deliberately spread malicious programs or viruses and other Spoof interference with normal network information service behavior; fake TCPIP packet name or part of the name; using robots or other means, batch abnormal Download iSlide plug-in “graphic library”, “theme library”, “smart charts” “,” Color library “,” image gallery “in the corresponding content of the behavior.

2.4 Users may not use the software bulk publishing, transmission, dissemination of advertising information and spam.

2.5 The user shall not propagate or operate the software for the above purposes to the public through the information network by modifying or forging the instructions, data, data packets in operation of the software works, adding, deleting, changing the function or operation effect of the software.

2.6 Users may not use the Software to transmit or distribute Documents that otherwise transfer images, photographs, software or other materials that are protected by the laws of intellectual property, by way of example and without limitation: including copyright or trademark law unless the User Have or control the appropriate rights or have obtained all necessary recognition;

2.7 The use of this software must comply with relevant state laws and policies, safeguarding national interests, safeguarding national security, and comply with this agreement. All liability arising out of the user’s use of this Agreement for breach of the law or breach of this Agreement shall be the sole responsibility of the User and shall not be connected to any Aisleide;

2.8 Users using the iSlide plug-in service agree to accept various types of information services provided by islaid, which may include various types of commercial advertising or other types of advertisement that iSlide offers in various ways in providing the iSlide plug-in service business information. User agrees to accept that iSlide send you promotional offers of merchandise or other related business information by email or otherwise.

2.9 The User shall abide by the terms of this Agreement and use the iSlide Plug-in Service properly and properly. As a result of any breach by the User of any provision of this Agreement, iSlide has the right to terminate the iSlide Plug-in Service to the user’s account pursuant to the Agreement. In the meantime, iSlide reserves the right to withdraw iSlide usernames / usernames at any time.


3. the user privacy terms

User-provided registration data and certain other information about users retained by iSlide’s website will be governed by China’s privacy laws and the iSlide Privacy Statement.


4. the terms of intellectual property

4.1 iSlide is the owner and intellectual property owner of all functions and related services for the iSlide plug-in product. The functions and services described above include, but are not limited to, the program code, interface design, layout framework, data files, accounts, text, pictures, graphics, graphics, audio, video, etc. of the iSlide plug-in products and their respective functions and services, Laws and regulations should be provided by the relevant rights holders outside the content. ISlide’s website reserves the right to pursue its legal obligations if it infringes the intellectual property rights of iSlide’s website.

4.2 Users can install, use, display and run the software on computers or other handheld terminals for non-commercial purposes. Users may not install, use or run this software for commercial operation. It is not allowed to copy, change, modify, modify or modify the data released to any terminal memory during the operation of the software or the software and the interactive data between the client and the server during the operation of the software, Modify, mount, or create derivative works of any kind, including but not limited to the use of plug-ins, plug-ins or unauthorized third-party tools and services to access the Software and related systems. All other rights not expressly authorized are still owned by iSlide, and other rights of the user must be additionally approved by iSlide in writing.

4.3 The user shall not reverse engineer, reverse compile, disassemble, crack etc. the functions and contents of the iSlide plug-in product, and delete all the copyrighted information on the software and other copies; may not modify or destroy the original state of the software; meanwhile, ISlide Add-on Products and Services may not be released, played, rewritten or redistributed for any broadcast or distribution purposes, or used for any other purpose, without the written permission of iSlide. Users may not use any automatic search engine, spider-searcher, other automated software or device, or manual operation to monitor or copy the functionality of the iSlide Add-on Products and the services or content of intellectual property without the written permission of iSlide.

4.4 iSlide reserves the right at any time to dispose of the services or content, including but not limited to revisions, shields, deletions or any other laws and regulations that are acceptable to iSlide, at any time.

4.5 For the “Gallery” service, “Theme Gallery” service and “Smart Chart” service in the iSlide plug-in, the user can only use it for personal non-commercial use; the use of the artwork should be guaranteed for its complete use, Only technical alterations may be made to the work without infringing upon the copyrights of Islaslay, including but not limited to the right of attribution; the copyright of iSlide may not be infringed by the use of derivative works or derivative works derived from the work, including but not without Limited to the right to sign; users should be clearly marked in the key position of the page source information.

4.6 For “Icon Library” and “Color Library” services in iSlide plug-in, users can only use it for personal non-commercial use. Users should respect the use of the relevant rights of intellectual property rights, if the user or third-party service content found violations of the rights of others, please click on the “contact us” by mail or other means to report, iSlide German staff will verify as soon as possible and in accordance with relevant legal procedures.

4.7 If the user does not comply with the relevant provisions of intellectual property protection, iSlide has the right to immediately stop serving the user’s iSlide plug-in, and reserves the right through legal channels to pursue the infringer corresponding legal responsibilities.


5. Disclaimer

5.1 In view of the special nature of the network services (including but not limited to the stability of the server, malicious cyber attacks and other conditions beyond the control of iSlide), users agree that iSlide reserves the right to suspend or terminate at any time Or all plug-in services (including chargeable plug-in services), in the event of such interruption or suspension of iSlide’s plug-in service, Esd will, as far as possible, promptly notify you, through web page announcement, system notification, private message, SMS reminder or other reasonable manner Affected users, according to the policy announced at the time related disruptions.

5.2 The user understands that iSlide shall regularly or irregularly repair or maintain the platform providing Internet services (such as Internet websites, mobile networks, etc.) or related devices, and if such circumstances result in the network services being delayed within a reasonable time Within the interruption, iSlide did not need to take any responsibility for this.

5.3 If the user chooses to bind the iSlide account with the third-party account, in addition to the user’s own unbinding relationship, the bound third-party account may also be unbind in any of the following situations without iSlide BE LIABLE TO THE USER OR ANY THIRD PARTY:

(1) The user violates the laws and regulations of the state policy, or this agreement;

(2) The user violates the third-party account user agreement or its related regulations;

(3) the other need to unbind the situation.

5.4 iSlide websites or other users of the website may provide links to other websites or resources. Since iSlide does not control such sites and resources, Users should acknowledge and agree that iSlide’s website is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse such sites or resources or may access such sites or resources Access to any content, publicity, works, services or other materials, nor for their responsibility or assume any responsibility. ISlide is not responsible for any direct, indirect or indirect damages whatsoever (or allegedly caused) to Users by the use or reliance on such content, advertisements, works, services or other materials obtained from such sites or resources.

5.5 Islas assumes no responsibility for interruptions or other defects in the iSlide plug-in service resulting from force majeure or other causes beyond iSlide’s control, but will do its best to minimize any loss or damage to the user.

5.6 User agrees that they shall not be held liable for the quality defects of any of the following products or services that iSlide offers to users and any damages they cause:

(1) iSlide plug-in service provided by iSlide to users free of charge;

(2) any product or service that is offered to users by Isled.

5.7 All products or services provided by Isled have a useful life of up to the date of the user’s access to the product or service until the iSlide website is released. For any reason this Agreement terminates or the product or service will not be able to continue using the product or service while it is offline at iSlide. Paid users’ products or services are subject to the terms of their agreement with iSlide.


6. compensation

Users agree to safeguard and defend the interests of iSlide and other users, as a result of the user for any violation of the relevant laws, regulations or any terms under this Agreement to iSlide or any other third party, the user agrees to bear This caused the damage liability.

The company is located in:


7. the agreement amended

iSlide reserves the right to modify any provision of this Agreement at any time and once the content of this Agreement has changed, iSlide will, through appropriate means, such as posting on the iSlide PPT Plug-in Website or by notification of modifications to the agreement , If users do not agree with the above changes, the right to choose to stop using iSlide PPT plug-in services. If User continues to use the iSlide PPT Plug-in Service, User will be deemed to accept the changes made by iSlide to the terms of this Agreement.


8. notice served

All information contained in this Agreement, including but not limited to, changes to the Terms of Service, service changes, or other important events, may be notified by users via Web Advisories, e-mails, system notifications, proactive communications, Or any other form of delivery of such notice, whichever of such notice is sent to the addressee on the date of such sending.


9. other matters:

9.1 iSlide may add a special agreement or service agreement for a service under this agreement, and the user accepts the service on the premise of agreeing with all the legal documents attached to the service, including but not limited to the service use agreement And special service agreement.

9.2 The final interpretation of the service agreement owned by iSlide.


If this agreement doesn't cover a specific topic, the local court in the Headquarters Office will decide.