How to get started with Premium resources!

When you are using the iSlide add-in in the free version, you probably have seen, or ran into some library resources that you were unable to use, due to the fact that it are premium resources. iSlide has around 305K+ resources (145K+ Free resources and 160K+ Premium resources). You can recognize these premium resources in every library, if you have not set a filter to use only the free resources, on the colored diamond, that is in the left top of the theme or picture. If you are tired of getting the notification that you are not allowed to use premium resources, and also do not want to set the filter every time on "free", we invited you to become a premium member of iSlide for just a small fee per month or per year to enjoy all the high-quality resources. The price is not expensive at all. Please also take a look at the very bottom of this page, for some great discount codes. Your presentations will become even better and look more amazing than ever before. In this article we explain you, with all the screenshots, how to upgrade your free account towards a premium account.

Getting started !

After installing the iSlide add-in you always login to use all the great features. But this article is about the upgrade towards a Premium membership.
1. Click on "Settings" and change the interface language, just to be sure.
2. Default is the "Auto" setting, but that can be confusing on upgrading. Change it to your preferred language.
3. Next to the setting there is a large "Upgrade to Premium" option.

Alternatively, you can choose for the "Upgrade Now" option from the login menu. See the arrow.

 Where to start with the upgrade to Premium?

 Making choices for the Premium membership picture

Personal Premium Menu

1 + 2 Want to try it out cheap? Choose the monthly subscription. See the pricing page for the differences.
3. You can choose to pay for 1 year (default) up to 9 years.
4. Select this if you have a discount/voucher code and click "confirm" to see the value or added days immediately. Use "DISCOUNT for example!

You have to agree to the Premium and Copyright agreement in order to continue the upgrade process.
After all these choices, click on the "checkout" button to proceed to the next step.

Choose your payment system

The next screen is a choice between the payment system.
iSlide likes the PayPal system, so it is a separate button (1) that re-directs you to the PayPal website, but you can also choose for the "Other Methods" (2) that could be very interesting for you.

This re-directs you to the "2Checkout/Verifone" website, which is a large international payment system. It includes all local banking systems from all over the world, your system will be there!

Choose between Paypal and other payment systems

Displaying and explaining the 2Checkout payment options

2Checkout Options

1. Visa / Credit Card is always good !
2. Ideal as example of a general local payment system.
3. The preferred PayPal system.
4. Other methods that include at least 6 other (local) popular payment systems that you can choose from. This depends on the country your IP address is located. This example is from Europe, but in Asia and South America, you will see different options when you click this. 
5. If you upgrade as a company instead of a person, discount codes can be ignored and VAT number will be required for upgrading. Contact us for enterprise solutions.

iSlide coupon / voucher / discount not working?
Try this URL: iSlide-fixed-discount-code 😄
Type "DISCOUNT" and click "Update Cart"!
Do not forget to change the currency towards your own!

Activate the iSlide Premium membership!

After all these steps, you will receive a license code in your email, which is your account. Copy this license code, login the user center and chose "Activate License" (1).

After that, click on "Activate Now" (2) and the 24/7 online API will change your membership type immediately. A colored diamond will appear in your user picture as well.

If something fails,.. which would be unusual, but okay, it can happen, click on the grey text in the bottom of this pop-up box. It will re-direct you to the web version of the user center were you can also login, but multilingual is not always available there.

We are happy you just joined out Premium resources access! If you downloaded the iSlide add-in through this website, we are also providing you with a free, 24/7  support on installation and other issues that might occur. Contact us in that case on

   Activate your Premium License in the User Center

As a registered user, you can always use all the free resources and features of the iSlide add-in. With the Premium membership however, you will never experience any restrictions on the resources available in all the libraries. Remember that themes, pictures, icons, vectors and diagrams are updated every day, by our professional designers team.

We realize that for some people, like students for instance, even the low costs of the Premium membership is too much. Here are some voucher / coupon codes that provides you a direct discount on the price: c2uzs7, DISCOUNT, remise, reduction, DESCUENTO, RABATT, SCONTO, DESCONTO, KORTING. We also found 2 voucher codes for an extended license time, an extra 90 days. If you want that, use the codes: "ah5zjp" or "90days". On special occasions a 180 days extension code might be available for a few days. Follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook, to keep up to date with the latest news, or for short tips and ideas.

Not a (free) user of iSlide yet?
Start downloading the installer now, register your account and start making great presentations that surprise your audience! Try iSlide now!