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Welcome to the community page of the iSlide PowerPoint website. We are glad you’re here. In the future we may start a forum or something else here so we can start more interacting with you, the people who are using the iSlide add-in. For now, unfortunately that is too much work. People seem to think nowadays, they can downgrade any product on forums, blogs and comments, just from behind their keyboard, while we want to take care of our add-in users, really value their feedback and trying to work on that, moving forward.

Maintaining the add-in itself is a lot of work. Not only do we check the quality of features, vectors, icons, diagrams and so on, all the time, we also add new pictures, icons, and fixing security issues daily. We are a small team, doing whatever we can, but quality must remain at the highest level. However, if you want a vector, icon, and/or have an idea that we have not present in the add-in yet, please look at point 2 of our interaction list.

We are still a start-up company. Active for 3 years now, but full in development. We would like to have your support, as in our active 3 P’s! You know, the Professional, Passion and Positive spirit that you can see on our office wall in the “About us” page. Please join, and follow us, on all the social media channels that you can find in the interaction number 3. We keep you up to date as much as we can through these channels. You might own a website. We always welcome positive feedback on your website and PowerPoint add-in product. We appreciate a notice. Remember our “Positive” motto, we cannot prevent you from placing negative analyses on your personal webpages, but if something bothers you, or you feel neglected in any way, please contact us, as we want to try and solve it before you complain publicly.

Syntaxes & translations are sometimes difficult for us. We experienced that foreign languages have different interpretations and expressions. Please, please, please, we welcome and value your feedback on this. If you find one of our translations, abbreviations or expressions in the add-in ribbon incorrectly, please inform us about that by email. A little screenshot is appreciated and can be helpful. We appreciate your help in this and apologize for any inconvenience it cost you. Together we can make the add-in better. This kind of feedback will be checked and processed by our developers with priority.

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Interaction list:

  1. Questions, suggestions, all feedback is welcome. We receive it, mostly by email, and we want to thank you for it. Often, we collect these into a topic, trying to gather it towards user stories for our developers in an Agile/Scrum way. This takes time. We are not able to release a big feature, in just a couple of development sprints. We support a lot of operating systems. Windows platforms are sometimes easier to support than the MacOS, but that’s our problem. If you suggested a feature, ( or want to ) please contact us on the support email address and let’s stay in touch. We want to keep you updated as much as possible, although the answer might be “unknown” for a while. Please respect that.

  2. If you have any requests, for a specific icon for instance, please contact us on the support mailbox. Attach an example of drawing or a rough sketch to your email please with what you want. As you know, a picture is often saying more than words, just like we want you to do with the iSlide add-in!

  3. Social media overview:
    Facebook:     ( mentions or referrals to @iSlidePowerPoint )  
    Reddit:   ( best place for discussions )  
    Twitter:  ( mentions or referrals to @iSlidePPT ) 
    WhatsApp: WhatsApp members discussion and news group  ( ENGLISH language only, NO spammers allowed )
    YouTube: YouTube Playlist  ( for all how-to, support and tips videos ) 
    Google Keen: Follow us and Stay Keen!  ( Share your favorites! Collaborate and expand your interests! ) 
    We highly appreciate if you would follow, like and share content on our various platforms. We want to inspire you on these pages, but it is also the best place for us at this moment to communicate and discuss with each other about our add-in, its features, bugs, and so on.

  4. If you want to review or mention our website (likely in a positive way), please do. Our website detects the language of your browser settings, undetected will lead to the default English language as that is still around 23 % of all the internet users. The current main URL’s per language are:
    Spanish : 
    Japanese :
    French : 
    German : 
    Korean : 
    Russian : 

  5. We use the famous, worldwide known, Trustpilot review website by default for reviews. Of course, there are other good review websites as well. We invite you to rate us on this website, preferable in a positive way. If you have complaints, we like to hear that by e-mail first, so we can solve it. You can type your review directly below here. Start with clicking on the number of stars that you want to give us!

We are working on new languages. Please email us on if you are willing to help us with that.
Thank you all in advance for making the product better and better together!