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In this section of the website, we present you with all the links to our previous published free PowerPoint templates. You can use these for free, as long as you keep yourself to the terms of usage. Not selling them for instance, but you can read all that in the User License as well. When a special free template is published, it will be available here. All templates are fully editable with the iSlide PowerPoint add-in, that you can download here. This way you can easily learn how to replace your icons, how to use the smart diagram or vectors, without having to create an example of your own. In the templates we also try to provide you with some (text) ideas, on how to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation. It will only take you a brief moment to learn the endless possibilities of our add-in, and you might even make more beautiful PowerPoint slides than we do!  Questions about our add-in? Take a look at the Tips pages, or contact us by email on:


  Release Date   Example   Description Download link  
  November 20, 2021    iSlide Blue Creative Internet Communication Template with instructions   Blue Creative Internet Communication Template with instructions how to use iSlide-PowerPoint Blue Creative Internet Communication Template  
  October 5, 2021    iSlide Teachers Day Template   iSlide Teachers Day free PPT template iSlide Teachers Day Template  
  September 23, 2021    iSlide Safety Guide   iSlide Safety Guide for bad weather iSlide Safety Guide  
  June 18, 2021    iSlide Business Technology Theme   Great iSlide Office & Technology template iSlide Businesss Technology Free Template  
  April 23, 2021    Light Green General Purpose Social Media Template   Light Green General and Social Media Light Green General and Social Media.pptx  
  March 6, 2021    Red Virus Prevention Template   Red Virus Prevention Template Red Theme Prevention.pptx  
  February 3, 2021    iSlide Blue Minimalist General Work Report Template   iSlide Blue Work Report Template (32 slides)
Including 8 "how-to" slides at the end.
iSlide Blue General Work Report Template.pptx  
  May 19, 2020    iSlide Flat Style standard template   iSlide PowerPoint Template in Flat Style.pptx
Including a "how-to" explaining tutorial at the end.
iSlide-PowerPoint standard flat style template.pptx  
  May 12, 2020    iSlide Business Standard Template   Business PowerPoint Presentation Business PowerPoint Presentation Template  
  May 08, 2020   Work from Home Tips - COVID-19 template full Spanish   Special COVID-19 template with tips to work from home.
Fully in the Spanish language this one!
Plantilla de presentación de trabajo remoto  
  May 07, 2020   Work from Home tips - COVID-19 template   Special COVID-19 template with tips to work from home. Remote Work Presentation Template by iSlide  

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