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iSlide Premium Agreement

1. Terms of Service to Accept and Modify


1.1 This Agreement is between the User and Chengdu iSlide Co., Ltd. (“iSlide”) regarding User’s Use of Theme Library, Diagram Library, Smart Diagrams, As well as agreements for the later development of paid premium services on-line (all premium services that are already on-line and coming online are referred to as “Premium Services”). “User” or “You” means an individual or a single entity that enjoys Premium Services provided by iSlide. This Service Agreement forms the pre-requisite for you (whether an individual or entity) to use Premium Services offered by iSlide and you are not authorized to use the services of this Agreement unless you accept the terms of this Agreement. Your use will be deemed to agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
1.2 iSlide reserves the right to amend the Terms of Service at any time. Once the Terms of Service have been changed and amended, iSlide will prompt the amended contents on the relevant pages. If users do not agree with the modification of this Agreement, they may cancel the changes Service and stop using it, and if the user continues to use the service provided by iSlide, the user is deemed to have accepted all the modifications of this agreement.
1.3 Please review and accept or do not accept this agreement, minors should be accompanied by the legal guardian to review and perform, minors exercise and perform the rights and obligations under this agreement has been recognized as legal guardian, you must fully and strictly abide by the terms of this service agreement when you enjoy premium services from iSlide.

2. Service Description

2.1 Ownership of the products and services covered by Premium Services and other related intellectual property owned by iSlide or by iSlide have been legally authorized by the relevant obligee. Services provided by iSlide will be strictly enforced in accordance with its terms of service and operating rules.

2.2 iSlide has the right to supervise, prompt and inspect all activities in the course of using this service, and if the act of the user violates relevant laws and regulations or violates the terms of this agreement, iSlide shall have the right to require it to be rectified and hold their rights and other rights.

2.3 All premium services provided to users by ISSR are limited to the use of the platform provided by ISL and any services provided by ISLIDE to ISL by any illegal means such as malicious crack etc. of the platform separation behavior, are not covered by the agreement provided by the service provided by iSlide. All legal consequences arising therefrom is the responsibility of the perpetrator, and iSlide will pursue the perpetrator’s legal obligations in accordance with the law.

2.4 When using the individual services of iSlide, the user’s use of the service shall be deemed to be its terms of service for each individual service and the consent of iSlide in various announcements of the individual service.

2.5 You Understand and agree that iSlide’s payment is a payment by a cost-operator,that you may have business rish of payment through this payment method, including, but not limited to the incurrendence of your account or bank cards and other cards for illegal activities, these risks will give you cause the corresponding economic losses. You should bear the consequences of not being able to hold the infringer liable for infringement and hold you accountable.

2.6 You are solely responsible for keeping, using, and maintaining the account, account information and account password that you have acquired at iSlide properly and correctly. You should take necessary and effective security measures regarding your account information and account password. iSlide does not assume any liability in connection with any non-Islaside causes that result in the disclosure of your account password and the loss caused by your safe custody, use and maintenance. Meanwhile, for the sake of your safety and privacy, please do not share your account with others. Please do not tell your account and password, otherwise, iSlide reserves the right to freeze the account you are using abnormally. In case of this situation, please call customer service to solve the problem, in order to protect their privacy.

2.7 iSlide does not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from your actions or omissions, including, but not limited to, payment services and network access services, and any third party infringement.


3. Buy Paid Advanced Service Program


3.1 You must first register as an iSlide User based on true and accurate information prior to purchasing Premium Services. The content and personal information provided by the user must be true and valid or iSlide reserves the right to refuse the application or withdraw its service without any compensation or refund of the service fee. Changes in the user’s personal information should be promptly modified registration of personal information, or the resulting user rights can not be fully and effectively the responsibility borne by the user, iSlide has the right to cancel its service and does not refund the service Fee or any other form of any compensation.

3.2 User agrees that iSlide may only use the User’s personal information for the purposes of this Agreement. Services include, but are not limited to, transaction confirmations, transaction payments, customer visits, policy updates, user notifications, sending promotional messages, business information, and other ancillary services related to transactions and services. If users think that Eslite has used its personal information beyond its scope, please contact Customer Service immediately and Eslite will verify the transaction.

3.4 Purchasing Premium Services from iSlide will not entitle users to service from iSlide, but will not be refunded.

3.5 iSlide provides premium services only. Any equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices connected to the Internet or mobile network) and related expenses related to the relevant network services (such as access to the Internet Payment of telephone charges and Internet access fees, to pay for the use of mobile networks and mobile phone costs) should be borne by the user.

3.6 Once you purchase Premium Services from iSlide, you are deemed to have approved the price indicated for the Service; this service will be effective immediately upon purchase.


4. Paid User Rights and Restrictions


4.1 During the valid period of the paid product, users may preferentially participate in the activities organized by iSlide and enjoy the benefits and value-added services provided by iSlide.
4.2 Premium services are limited to the application of the account for their own use; during the service can not be transferred between the accounts of iSlide, no gift, borrow, lease, transfer or sale, prohibit the use of robots or other means, batch abnormal download the corresponding content in “Theme Gallery”, “Smart Diagram”, “Diagram Library”, “Icon Library”, “Color Library”, “Picture Library” and “Vector Library” of iSlide add-in. Notice cancel the transfer of account, the transferee account service qualifications, the resulting loss borne by the user. iSlide prohibits the user privately paid or unpaid transfer account, so as to avoid disputes due to the account, the user should be responsible for. iSlide reserves the right to pursue the legal liability of the perpetrator as described above.
4.3 If the user’s behavior continues to violate this agreement or in violation of relevant state laws and regulations, or if iSlide believes that the user’s behavior is detrimental to the reputation and interests of Islas or any other person, Islaside reserves the right to cancel the user’s qualification No need to give any compensation.
4.4 Users shall not acquire or purchase Premium Services from such illegal means as theft, exploitation of system vulnerabilities, or other platforms that illegally sell premium services that are not authorized by iSlide, otherwise iSlide reserves the right to cancel the User Service qualifications. The resulting problems borne by the user, iSlide does not take any responsibility.
4.5 No user shall use nicknames and signatures of any kind that are unlawful, obscene, insulting or personally attacking. Upon discovery, iSlide reserves the right to disqualify the user without any compensation or refunds.
4.6 Users who are disqualified may no longer participate in the activities organized by iSlide and no longer enjoy the benefits and value-added services provided by iSlide, that is, they will no longer enjoy the rights of users.
4.7 Premium Services offered by iSlide may not be used for commercial purposes, for personal, non-commercial use only.
4.8 Copy, download, upload, modify, catalog, transcribe, distribute, develop, transfer, sell, display, disseminate templates, diagrams and charts provided by Premium Services; Prohibit composite, nested and linked Premium Services provided Templates, illustrations and charts; prohibiting the use of templates, illustrations and charts and their fragments provided by ISL Premium Services in the creation of derivative works, the making of greeting cards, the making of screensavers or desktops, teaching or research, commercial development or promotion ; Prohibiting the use of templates, diagrams and charts provided by ISL Premium Services for commercial profit purposes; including but not limited to the following:
4.8.1 illegitimately modify the term of service, the amount spent, the transaction status of the paying user account, or illegally or for illegitimate purposes, using pictures and charts provided by paid premium services already purchased;
4.8.2 provide your iSlide account, either paid or unpaid, to any third party and allow others to use your account with pictures and charts provided by premium premium service purchased by a non-paying person;
4.8.3 Copy, sell, rent or license images and charts provided by Premium Services to any third party.
4.8.4 Solicit, modify, reverse-operate, vandalize or otherwise tamper with any of the security technologies iSlide uses to protect the images and graphics provided by premium services or assist others in performing the above.
4.8.5 Obtain pictures and charts of Premium Services provided through non-iSlide accreditation, or remove any proprietary notices or labels on images and charts provided by Premium Services.
4.8.6 No fee or free method will be provided for displaying in full or in part, in any public domain, pictures and charts provided by iSlide Premium Services, unless your above act does not constitute infringement.
4.8.7 To infringe on the third party’s interests, violate the legal rights and interests of third parties through the collection of third-party information and information, destroy or steal third-party account information, send fraudulent mail and spam, etc., including but not limited to privacy rights, Intellectual property, property rights and so on.


5. Agreement Changes and Disclaimer


5.1 Given the special nature of internet services, iSlide reserves the right to change, discontinue or terminate some or all of its web services at any time. iSlide reserves the right to change or discontinue the service at any time without notice to you, and for any loss resulting from the interruption or termination of all services, iSlide shall not be liable to you or to any Third parties assume any responsibility.
5.2 iSlide makes any changes to the Premium Services Agreement on the page, as soon as it is modified. Once published, it is deemed to be a notification member.
5.3 Premium Service Provided The useful life of iSlide in resolving faults, server repairs, adjustments, upgrades, etc., is not covered by iSlide.
5.4 iSlide is not responsible for any personal, financial loss, damage or injury suffered by iSlide while using the services provided by iSlide, no matter what the reason. iSlide is not responsible for any disclosure of personal information resulting from the user’s personal password being known to or shared with another person’s registered account.
5.5 If you do not agree to modify the Terms, you may proactively submit to iSlide Premium Services for Terminating Payments, iSlide will refund the fees if you have not used the paid Premium Services Purchased, and if you continue to enjoy Premium Premium Services, For the user has accepted the terms of the amendment.


6. Service Interruption and Termination


6.1 iSlide will notify the user as soon as possible due to irresistible events of iSlide, such as government acts and force majeure, which result in the payment of Premium Services being unable to continue. iSlide will not refund the premium service fee for any loss caused to users.
6.2 If a user violates or is deemed to be in violation of the Terms of Service, iSlide reserves the right to terminate all services you have purchased without prior notice and to cancel your iSlide account and usage rights without refund Paid premium service fee paid.
6.3 In some rare cases, certain services may not be available due to the issue of entitlement. iSlide will compensate you for the service content replacement according to different situations.
6.4 The failure of iSlide to exercise or delay in exercising its rights under this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of these rights and sole or partial exercise of any of its rights under this Agreement does not exclude the exercise of any of its other rights. iSlide reserves the right to require you to continue to perform its obligations and assume corresponding liability for breach of contract.


7. The Application of Law and Jurisdiction


7.1 The terms of service of the entry into force, performance, interpretation and settlement of disputes are subject to the laws of the People’s Republic of China, these Terms of Service due to conflict with the laws of the People’s Republic of China partially invalid, does not affect the effectiveness of the other parts.
7.2 In the event of any dispute concerning the contents of this Agreement or its implementation, the parties concerned shall try their best to resolve them through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, all parties to the dispute agree that the dispute will be submitted to the negotiation fails, either party may file a complaint with Chengdu High-tech Zone People’s Court litigation.