Standard Specification

The Standard Specification contains some functionality that you normally don't think of too much, but that you really want to be using in every PowerPoint presentation. Below we light out the best standard features and explain them to you.

Ctrl+C  /  Ctrl+V 
Fonts, colors & styles 

In the process of all the copying and pasting that is often done in presentations, fonts, styles and colors get mixed up. This leads to divers styles and irregular layouts, which makes your PowerPoint look unprofessional or even messy.

However, one-by-one adjustments of every slide, leads to extra repetitive formatting.


  iSlide Standard Specification picture


 iSlide Standard Specification picture


Unify your entire PPT text format with just one mouse click!

A variety of parameterized settings allows you to rapidly establish a uniform standard of your PowerPoint text an then make a professional presentation report. 

So easy, everyone can do this!

Add guide lines with one click

Just click to select and apply a variety
of guide lines layout rules. 

You are allowed to adjust it as you want, to establish a standard page layout in a snap.  


  iSlide Standard Specification picture

"Standard Specification" will save you hours of repetitive formatting. PowerPoint is no longer an equivalence of overtime work!