the iSlide Standard Specification features

The Standard Specification feature contains a lot of functionality that you normally don't think of too much, but that you actually really want to be using with every PowerPoint presentation. Below we summarize some of the most used functionalities that will make your PowerPoint life suddenly a lot easier! Don't forget, these very useful features are all free to use! Let's start explaining them to you!

Managing your area's
& margins!

When you are working hard on your presentation, you will forget the exact margins in your enthusiasm and we fully understand that. It is totally normal. With the Uniform Guides feature, we help you setting your margins and area's in the whole slide again with just a few clicks, or with the handy scroll bars we have available for you!

Choose from 5 different pre-sets or create your own custom margins with just a few clicks or slides! We are convinced that you can and will be using this feature a lot!

Uniform guide sliders screen top screenUniform guide sliders bottom screen

Unified fonts make reading more fluently

Standardize your fonts!

When you have uniformed your fonts in the entire presentation, the slides become more fluent to read and to follow for your audience. It helps, multiple studies have proven the adoption of this presentations technic.

With the default free unifying fonts feature of the iSlide add-in you can uniform all the texts in your slides, towards the desired font style and type that you have in your mind in just a couple of clicks.

No matter how many slides you have, this feature alone will save you lots of time!

Ctrl+C plus Ctrl+V
Fonts, colors & styles

In the process of all the copying and pasting that is often done in presentations, fonts, styles and colors get mixed up. This leads to diverse styles and irregular layouts, which makes your PowerPoint look unprofessional or even messy.

One-by-one adjustments of every slide, lead to extra repetitive formatting. This feature solves that.

iSlide Standard Specification picture

iSlide Uniform text and PPT fonts picture

Uniform your entire PPT text format with just one mouse click!

A variety of parameterized settings allows you to rapidly establish a uniform standard of your PowerPoint text and make a professional presentation report or presentation.

So easy that everyone can do this!

Add guide lines with one click

Just click to select and apply a variety
of guide lines layout rules.

There are multiple presets available, but customizing it to what you want is possible of course. This way you are able to setup and  establish a standard page layout in seconds.

iSlide Standard Specification Adding guidelines picture

The iSlide "Standard Specification" will save you hours of repetitive formatting. PowerPoint is no longer an equivalence of overtime work!