Smart Diagram

The Smart Diagram Library provides you with a very powerful set of tools to spice up your presentation. We all know that if data is visualized, it becomes more effective. 1 picture is better sometimes then a thousand words. Take a look at what the Smart Diagram can do for you and try it out. It becomes really amazing when you combine the same graphics with different data in a transition style! 

Make the data visualized

In the Era that "Beauty is the keyword",
we need to "Show" and visualize our data in presentations as much as possible. 

Unlike the average mediocre traditional charts,
the iSlide Smart Chart & Diagram presents the data to your audience in a more intuitive and flexible way. 


  iSlide Smart Diagram picture

 iSlide Smart Diagram picture



Flexible & Editable

Boasting the maximum edit ability, the iSlide Smart Chart allows you to change the icons
(112.000+ available) and the data, all on the fly.

Like in the picture here, you can use handy toolbars for numbers and colors and the data of the chart will automatically adjust with the value in real-time. Graphics were never so easy!


An always updating
Smart Chart Library

Worrying about the next slide, or adjustment in half a year? No need for that. Our creatively professional design team, keeps track of all the mainstream design styles and is accumulating and updating this on a daily basis.

So don't worry, keep presenting! 



  iSlide Smart Diagram picture

A good PowerPoint design allows the data to speak. You can do it!