Design Layout

The Design Layout lets you duplicate, arrange and alignment of all your layouts, pictures, text, or whatever it is you want to "arrange" or copy in your PowerPoint slides. The toolbars make this very easy for you, with direct display in your slide. With the "Auto Size" option, duplication and alignment of your icons is even simpler. Check out the options and try it out yourself.

Say Farewell to the "Manual Copy"
& "Rough Alignment"!

The iSlide Design layout lets you just select a graphic and assist you in a one-click, matrix or circular duplication of your graphics.

A variety of parameterized settings meets all your needs, making you realize PowerPoint slides faster then you ever done before.

iSlide Design Circular Layout picture

 iSlide Design Layout setting exact metrics and alignments picture

To the Perfectionists!

According to your rigorous requirements, it allows you to set the precise numeric values to unify the chaotic text boxes and graphics into the standard layout.

Everything is so perfect!

Create a Powerful
PowerPoint Presentation!

Do not envy those designers who can make superb & amazing slides. You can do that as well. The intelligent layout will help you simplify the operation and quickly make a great looking deck, as long as you unlock your imagination.

iSlide Design Layout Partners in Learning picture

Making PowerPoint Design an interesting thing to do! Try it out!