The entrance of the iSlide PowerPoint headquarters

Everything about the iSlide team!

The international website is the result of a collaboration between the iSlide Network Company in China and CloudEuropeNL in the Netherlands.The collaboration has been around since 2018 and there is still a lot of cooperation from both sides, in the further development of the iSlide add-in and it's future assisting features. As the iSlide add-in is already widely spread and widely known in China, with more than 7.5 million installations, we decided in March 2020 to create this new multilingual website, in order to better bring and promote the iSlide add-in to the rest of the world.

We started back in 2017 with a small team and only 3 libraries in the add-in. Soon our extraordinary team of programmers and designers extended the features and the team grew steadily. Not fast, because our expertise, quality measurements and award-winning design approach, does not allow fast growing. At the moment we are working with 3 agile-based programmer teams, a multi-disciplinary design team, a customer support team, a few marketing people, a finance department and some people to fill in the gaps that every company has, like internal IT, product-owners, project managers, catering, housekeeping and so on. The picture at the top of this page is from the entrance of our headquarters office location.
About Us - Picture of a part of the team


Multilingual support, for individuals and Enterprise organizations is available. The languages that we support with the add-in and this website are now: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Methods are depending on the country where you need the support.
Best start on any issue at all, is writing us an email to and we get in touch with you as soon as possible.

On a regular basis we sponsor some PowerPoint design events or design challenges. With unexpected, amazing design results from time to time. If you are interested in organizing a PowerPoint (online) event, let us know with what we can help you.

What else is there that you must know about us? Our continuous sustainability goals of course!
We have several, as we think that every company in the private sector needs to work on their sustainability. Sure, the global UN goals are important, but as a small company, we try to focus on minimum paper usage, not wasting food unnecessarily, a couple of clean water projects as partner of a larger NGO, and most important of all, our own energy consumption. As a software company we run a lot of (cloud) servers to provide you with the best possible iSlide add-in experience. We program, type, and support you 24 hours a day, and these computers and laptops also use a lot of energy. At this moment we are covering around 90% of our total energy needs through solar power from our own roofs. We are on track to be energy neutral at the end of the year 2022.

Our most important social channels can be found at the bottom of every webpage. We invite you to follow us, on your own favorite channel. This way you can opt-in or leave it, whenever you want. We do not, and never will, miss-use the email address of your registration for anything else. We do not email you; we do not send irritating newsletters; we only use the email address for the add-in registration and as a unique identifier for when you use our tool online.

Enough about us for now. We hope you will like our add-in, even if you only use the free subscription. It is difficult sometimes to maintain a top-quality product, even more difficult it is to keep improving it, balancing between the lines of language & culture differences. We are happy to make the iSlide add-in every day better and better for you.